//New FG 5.0L Coyote Intercooler Upgrade

New FG 5.0L Coyote Intercooler Upgrade

FG GS – GT Supercharged COYOTE 5.0L Upgrades

A better choice for consumers as BPT Motorsport releases its supercharger Intercooler upgrade kit for the Falcon GS and GT 5.0L Coyote V8.

The new supercharged Aussie 5.0L as it comes is a winner straight out of the box, Unfortunately the air charge configuration of the new supercharged V8 is somewhat flawed not providing adequate charge air cooling in extreme conditions therefore reducing its ability to maintain sustained power and torque.

B.P.T. has the solution. Our patented de-gas intercooler core which flows and removes the head of air pocket caused by the design height of the O.E.M. unit.

The bonus about this new setup from B.P.T. is the unique designed rear header tank on the intercooler that degasses 100% of the cooler therefore maximizing the heat transfer of the cooler. Other brands have failed in this area of design concept which reduces there capacity to effectively exchange heat from the air charge.

All components are precision machine finished and ready to install, does not require any drilling of factory manifold which could lead to mistakes.

Also the coolant ports that go into and out of the intercooler utilize the very same design that the popular GT500, GT Supercar and 03-04 Terminators used from the factory. No silicon or unreliable gaskets required in this assembly like other brands.

Check out the data logging graphs below that demonstrate the function of the heat exchanger core.

Kit includes exchange lower manifold and Intercooler core, Transfer port adapter and stainless steel tubes, Ford racing intercooler pump, Large 800ml coolant reservoir, Electric pump control harness and all rubber hosing plus clamps.

Key Benefits

  • More sustained Power and Torque.
  • Increased fuel economy.
  • Factory appearance and uses Genuine Ford Parts.
  • More cost effective than other brands.
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