Yep,  We have done it again!

At BPT we have been busy for the last 3 months wrapping up on our Ford Focus Custom Tuning solutions for  ST 2.0L, RS 2.3L, 1.5L Sport and Trend vehicles which sport the Eco boost direct injected engine.

Both manual and automatic transmission calibrations and Custom Dyno Tuning for extensively modified vehicles are available, such modifications as Automatic Grill Shutter and full Sports Exhaust modifications can be catered for at BPT Motorsport.

Focus ST 2.0L gains of up to 85-90 nM of Torque and 20 kW at the fly, Focus Sport and Trend seeing up to 20 kW and 50 nM at the fly from otherwise stock vehicle configuration.

Take advantage of the fact that we can also ship a complete plug-and-play tuning solution any where in Australia using nGauge Technology.

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