Coyote 5.OL Boosted Performance

Stage 1

  • C.A.I Filter Upgrade.
  • PCM Upgrade, Custom Calibration dyno tune.

Stage 2

  • C.A.I Filter Upgrade.
  • PCM Upgrade, Custom Calibration dyno tune.

Stage 3

  • C.A.I Filter Upgrade.
  • Supercharger overdrive pulley upgrade.
  • PCM Upgrade, Custom Calibration dyno tune.

Stage 4

  • C.A.I Filter Upgrade.
  • Supercharger overdrive pulley upgrade.
  • High Flow Injector Upgrade.
  • High Flow Fuel pump.
  • High Capacity Inter-cooler Upgrade.
  • PCM Upgrade, Custom Calibration dyno tune.
B.P.T. are proud to announce our Positive Displacement Ford Falcon Coyote supercharger upgrade kit that actually fits under the hood. The P.D. kits consists of a new intake manifold, customer option of three styles of blower head unit including Eaton 2.3L M140 or Whipple, Optional intercooler assembly. High flow injectors and all necessary hardware to complete the conversion are included. This is the Supercharger kit that other companies will measure by.

We have been fortunate to conduct testing on a U.S. sourced Coyote engine for development of the awaited new Falcon 5.0L release so we could stay one step ahead of the industry.

Construction and quality of the kits components is unprecedented with the use of Genuine O.E.M. components, and a leap ahead with research and development in comparison to our competitors which have yet to even produce a kit for the Coyote engine.

As with our successful BA to FG range of supercharger kit we have retained the function of the duel sheave setup. The key to this “dual sheave” design was to arrange the accessories such that the forces on the crankshaft from the 1st and 2nd sheaves would be balanced. This reduces the bearing loads and prevents starving the #1 main journal oil feed. This not only creates a more favorable loading balance on the crank, but actually reduces the overall load on the crank compared to other Ford aftermarket supercharger kits. Functionally, this system allows for better belt wrap over nearly every single component with minimal slippage from a 6 or 8 rib system.

The bonus about this new setup from BPT is the Larger twin 60mm throttle body, Fully inter-cooled system and choice of 3 supercharger head units.

PCM Re-calibration is required with SCT or Sniper Flash Tuner. We will provide tunes to current owners of Flash Tuner and/or provide a new Flash Tuner if desired at a discount price if purchased in kit form.

Key Benefits

  • 25% more power and efficiency than any other competitors kit.
  • Increased fuel economy.
  • Factory appearance and uses Genuine Ford Parts.
  • Will fit U.S. and Aussie 5.4L 4v applications.
  • Easy installation, Comprehensive installation manual included.
  • Instant boost, zero lag time for incredible throttle response.
  • Shelby GT500 factory throttle body.
  • W140ax Gen 2 Whipple twin-screw supercharger.
  • Massive bar-plate aluminium inter-cooler for superior cooling.
  • Custom 55lb/hr fuel injectors.
  • Self contained oil system, no tapping oil pan.
  • High flow factory air box style system.
  • No bull bolt on kit with nothing else to pay.
A better choice for consumers as BPT Motorsport releases its supercharger Inter-cooler upgrade kit for the Falcon GS and GT 5.0L Coyote V8.

The new supercharged Aussie 5.0L as it comes is a winner straight out of the box, Unfortunately the air charge configuration of the new supercharged V8 is somewhat flawed not providing adequate charge air cooling in extreme conditions therefore reducing its ability to maintain sustained power and torque.

B.P.T. has the solution. Our patented de-gas inter-cooler core which flows and removes the head of air pocket caused by the design height of the O.E.M. unit.


The bonus about this new setup from B.P.T. is the unique designed rear header tank on the inter-cooler that degases 100% of the cooler therefore maximizing the heat transfer of the cooler. Other brands have failed in this area of design concept which reduces there capacity to effectively exchange heat from the air charge.

All components are precision machine finished and ready to install, does not require any drilling of factory manifold which could lead to mistakes.

Also the coolant ports that go into and out of the inter-cooler utilize the very same design that the popular GT500, GT Super car and 03-04 Terminators used from the factory. No silicon or unreliable gaskets required in this assembly like other brands.


Check out the data logging graphs below that demonstrate the function of the heat exchanger core.



Kit includes exchange lower manifold and Inter-cooler core, Transfer port adapter and stainless steel tubes, Ford racing inter-cooler pump, Large 800ml coolant reservoir, Electric pump control harness and all rubber hosing plus clamps.

Key Benefits

  • More sustained Power and Torque.
  • Increased fuel economy.
  • More cost effective than other brands.
Owners of Falcon can be rest assured that with every performance modification comes a parts and workmanship Warranty. This gives you peace of mind that your modifications are covered.

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